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[US, US] [H] Old YGO Collection [W] Paypal

2020.01.22 02:15 rage487 [US, US] [H] Old YGO Collection [W] Paypal

Looking to sell some really old cards from when I was a kid. Everything listed is for at least 10% off TCGLow prices. Tracked bubble mailer for $4 or PWE no tracking for $1. Anything over $40 gets free tracking and bubble mailer. PM me any offers if interested in anything.

Feedback Thread -

(Pics are a bit disorganized, IMGUR scrambled the order when I uploaded them) -
Creature Cards -
Spell Cards -
Trap Cards -

(List may not be 100% accurate, used TCGPlayer app scanner, check pics above) -
1 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon [YGOLOD]
1 Abyss Soldier (Capsule Monster Coliseum) [VDP]
1 Acrobat Monkey []
1 Alpha the Magnet Warrior []
1 Ancient Elf []
1 Ancient Telescope []
1 Ansatsu []
1 Appropriate []
1 Aqua Madoor []
2 Armaill []
1 Armed Samurai - Ben Kei []
2 Armored Glass []
1 Attack and Receive []
1 Axe of Despair []
2 Bark of Dark Ruler [YGOLOD]
1 Baron of the Fiend Sword []
1 Battle Footballer []
1 Battle Ox []
1 Beta the Magnet Warrior []
1 Bite Shoes []
1 Black Pendant []
1 Blast with Chain [YGOLOD]
1 Book of Secret Arts []
1 Burning Land []
1 Card Destruction []
2 Catnipped Kitty []
1 Cat's Ear Tribe []
1 Centrifugal Field []
1 Ceremonial Bell [MRL-EN]
1 Chaos Greed []
1 Claw Reacher []
1 Cocoon of Evolution []
1 Convulsion of Nature [YGOLOD]
1 Crimson Ninja []
1 Crimson Sentry []
1 Cross Counter []
2 Dark Assailant []
1 Dark Elf []
1 Dark Energy []
1 Dark Hole []
1 Dark Hole []
1 Dark Hole []
1 Dark King of the Abyss []
1 Dark Titan of Terror []
1 Decayed Commander []
1 De-Spell []
1 De-Spell []
2 Destroyer Golem []
1 Dian Keto the Cure Master []
1 Disarmament []
1 Doma The Angel of Silence []
2 Double Snare [YGOLOD]
1 Dragon Capture Jar []
1 Dragon Manipulator [YGOLOD]
1 Dreamsprite []
1 Electric Snake [MRL-EN]
1 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer []
1 Eternal Rest []
1 Fake Trap []
1 Feral Imp []
1 Final Attack Orders []
1 Final Destiny [MRL-EN]
1 Fissure []
1 Fissure []
1 Flash Assailant [MRL-EN]
1 Forced Requisition []
1 Frog The Jam []
2 Frozen Soul []
1 Gaia The Fierce Knight []
1 Gaia The Fierce Knight []
1 Gamma the Magnet Warrior []
1 Giant Orc []
1 Giant Soldier of Stone []
1 Giant Soldier of Stone []
1 Giant Trunade []
1 Goblin of Greed []
1 Gravity Axe - Grarl []
1 Gray Wing [YGOLOD]
2 Great White []
1 Ground Collapse []
1 Gryphon's Feather Duster []
1 Guardian Elma []
2 Guardian of the Throne Room [MRL-EN]
1 Gyakutenno Megami []
1 Hane-Hane []
1 Helping Robo For Combat []
1 House of Adhesive Tape [MRL-EN]
1 Humanoid Worm Drake []
1 Hunter Spider []
2 Hysteric Fairy []
1 Insect Soldiers of the Sky []
1 Invigoration []
1 Jade Insect Whistle []
1 Jinzo #7 []
2 Judge Man []
1 Just Desserts []
1 Kaminari Attack []
1 Karate Man [MRL-EN]
1 Kishido Spirit []
1 Koumori Dragon []
1 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp [DPKB]
1 Last Will []
1 Light of Intervention []
1 Liquid Beast [MRL-EN]
1 Lord of D. []
1 Magical Ghost []
1 Major Riot []
1 Mammoth Graveyard []
1 Man Eater []
1 Man-Eating Treasure Chest []
1 Mass Driver []
1 Master & Expert []
1 Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite []
1 Minar [MRL-EN]
1 Minor Goblin Official []
1 Miracle Dig []
1 Mobius the Frost Monarch []
1 Monster Egg []
1 Monster Reborn []
1 Morale Boost []
1 Mountain []
1 Musician King []
1 Mustering of the Dark Scorpions []
1 Mysterious Puppeteer []
2 Mystic Clown []
1 Mystic Clown []
1 Mystic Clown []
1 Mystic Horseman []
1 Mystic Tomato []
1 Mystical Elf []
1 Mystical Elf []
1 Neo the Magic Swordsman []
1 Ninjitsu Art of Decoy []
2 Nobleman of Crossout [SD1]
1 Ogre of the Black Shadow []
1 Ojama Black []
1 Ojama Green []
1 Pale Beast []
1 Pandemonium []
1 Paralyzing Potion []
2 Penguin Knight [MRL-EN]
1 Peten the Dark Clown []
1 Premature Burial [SD1]
1 Protector of the Throne []
1 Pyramid of Light []
2 Queen Bird [MRL-EN]
1 Red Archery Girl []
1 Red-Moon Baby []
1 Release Restraint []
1 Reload [SD1]
1 Remove Trap []
1 Remove Trap []
1 Remove Trap []
1 Remove Trap []
1 Riryoku Field []
1 Rite of Spirit []
1 Rod of the Mind's Eye []
2 Rogue Doll []
1 Rush Recklessly []
1 Ryu-Kishin []
1 Ryu-Kishin Powered []
1 Ryu-Ran []
1 Sasuke Samurai #2 []
1 Scapegoat []
1 Secret Barrel []
1 Serpentine Princess [YGOLOD]
1 Servant of Catabolism []
1 Seven Tools of the Bandit []
2 Shield & Sword []
1 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal []
1 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal []
1 Silver Fang []
2 Skull Lair []
1 Skull Red Bird []
1 Skull Red Bird []
1 Sogen []
1 Sogen []
1 Sorcerer of the Doomed []
1 Spirit Message "I" []
1 Spirit Ryu [YGOLOD]
1 Spiritual Energy Settle Machine [YGOLOD]
1 Steel Ogre Grotto #1 []
1 Steel Ogre Grotto #2 []
1 Stop Defense []
1 Sword of Dark Destruction []
1 Terra the Terrible []
1 Teva (Capsule Monster Coliseum) [VDP]
2 The 13th Grave []
1 The A. Forces [YGOLOD]
1 The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion []
1 The Dark Door []
2 The Eye of Truth []
1 The Forceful Sentry [MRL-EN]
1 The Furious Sea King []
1 The Inexperienced Spy []
1 The Inexperienced Spy []
1 The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion []
1 The Portrait's Secret []
1 The Reliable Guardian []
1 The Reliable Guardian [MRL-EN]
1 The Stern Mystic []
1 Three-Headed Geedo []
1 Throwstone Unit [YGOLOD]
1 Thunder of Ruler []
1 Time Wizard []
1 Token Thanksgiving []
1 Trap Hole []
1 Trap Hole []
1 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce []
1 Twin-Headed Wolf [YGOLOD]
1 Two-Mouth Darkruler []
1 Two-Pronged Attack []
1 Two-Pronged Attack []
3 Type Zero Magic Crusher []
1 Ultimate Offering []
1 Unknown Warrior of Fiend []
1 Uraby []
1 Uraby []
1 Vampire Orchis []
2 Waboku []
1 Whiptail Crow [MRL-EN]
1 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 []
1 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 []
3 Winged Minion [YGOLOD]
1 Wingweaver []
1 Witty Phantom []
2 Witty Phantom []
1 Woodland Sprite [YGOLOD]
1 Yami []
1 Yami []
1 Yellow Luster Shield []
submitted by rage487 to YGOMarketplace [link] [comments]

2019.12.30 12:24 EroEroOyaji 12 days in Japan with a 22L bag
I live in Japan and will be going to Osaka and surrounding area of Kansai as well as Fukuoka and the surrounding area. A total of 11 nights.
This is my first time using a 22L Topo Designs Klettersack bag as a travel bag. I usually use my then original Nomatic Travel bag (40L) and now my Peak Design Travel bag.
I was planning on using the Peak Design bag but figured trying to see if my stuff will fit into my 22L and it seems to fit. I'm flying Peach Airlines and you get a carry on with a personal bag that needs to weigh a maximum of 7kgs.
Without the items that isn't pictured, the bag weights 5kgs.
I am also planning to use my 22L as my day bag as well. Might consider bringing my Peak Design 3L bag which is more ideal as my day bag.
What's pictured:
1 Topo Designs Klettersack 22L
1 Uniqlo hoodie
1 Uniqlo long sleeve collar shirt
2 Hanes cotton t-shirts
2 Uniqlo Heattech
2 Costco wool socks
1 Uniqlo jeans
5 Hanes drifit boxer briefs
1 Nomatic packing cube (can slightly compress)
1 Nomatic dopp kit
1 Arc'teryx Beta LT shell jackets
1 Apple 87W USB-C laptop charger with cable
1 Anker Powercore Fusion 10000 mah (discontinued)
1 Joby Telepod with bluetooth remote shutter

What's not pictured:
1 Goshuincho (more info: )
1 Apple Airpods Pro
1 Apple iPhone 11 Pro
1 Uniqlo Boa Sweat full zip hoodie (planning to wear this under my Arc-teryx shell for warmth)
1 Handkerchief
1 Pocket tissue
1 USB-C to lighting cable
1 Razer Blade Stealth 2018 model
1 Rayban Wayfarer
submitted by EroEroOyaji to onebag [link] [comments]

2019.01.06 21:51 areohdeee Car Salesman Meme hacxbfowk - Memes Gear / Merch.

Hit OR Miss - Meme Gear CHEAP AND FREE SHIPPING!!!! -------->> 1263443
Kayli Schneider meme cyan sensor program sensor New Loumouth Gorgeous Concrete Pants Unbranded Gloves Customerfocused webenabled Meme Gear celebrity sports baseball Bryon Pfeffer meme ivory port hack port East Brookstad Refined Granite Chair Licensed Cheese Streamlined 4th generation Meme Gear playlist meme reddit spotify music funeral Oren Weber meme pink feed override feed South Calihaven Unbranded Cotton Car Ergonomic Shoes Standalone static Meme Gear miku hatsune tupac hologram coachella hip hop hiphop weird memes of 2012 Zoe McDermott II meme olive system copy system Antwanside Fantastic Frozen Car Gorgeous Mouse Multichannelled asynchronous Meme Gear 4chan lol meme website funny mme hugelol Bret Lueilwitz meme salmon bandwidth copy bandwidth DAmoreview Intelligent Granite Chicken Handcrafted Sausages Downsized actuating Meme Gear catchphrase dead rising chuck Dr Jacquelyn Lind meme black hard drive calculate hard drive Gerholdfort Refined Fresh Chicken Rustic Salad Synergized 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Chips Rustic Cheese Visionoriented static Meme Gear catchphrase Mr Tomas Gibson meme azure feed index feed Glovermouth Tasty Metal Chips Awesome Hat Qualityfocused global Meme Gear hamilton fandom fanfiction kin -
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2019.01.05 01:23 areohdeee Memes Gear - fvihakdboordhbmwsa - Meme Merch.

Meme Gear! Memes Merch CHEAP AND FREE SHIPPING on Ebay and Etsy!!!! -------->> 1886444543
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2019.01.04 11:53 areohdeee Memes Gear - ndsxjbikqkpazhrnqd - Meme Merch.

Meme Gear! Memes Merch CHEAP AND FREE SHIPPING on Ebay and Etsy!!!! -------->> 1263443
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2018.07.03 07:47 otakunopodcast [Other] [EN/WW] Some speculation/conspiracy mongering concerning the upcoming update, and what the next event may be! (put on your tinfoil hats!)

Welcome to another Version Update Maintenance Speculation and Conspiracy Theory Post of Doom. Seems like we just had an update doesn't it? Well actually we did... 5.5 dropped in mid-March, which is not too long ago in the grand scheme of things. KLab definitely seems to want to try and keep EN and JP as close to each other as possible in terms of features.
So that just leaves the great question, what version are we going to get? Well before I attempt to predict that, let's review things shall we.
EN/WW is currently on version 5.5.x of the app, which JP got in mid-December of last year, and which we got in mid-March of this year -- only about a 3 month gap, which is pretty darn impressive.
The next JP update after that, 5.6.x, came in February of this year on JP, and includes:
5.7 dropped on JP in March, and includes:
6.0 dropped on JP in April, and includes:
And finally, 6.1 (the current version that JP is on) dropped pretty recently (in mid-May, only a little more than a month ago) and includes:
So what version will we be getting? Since this is a super-long maintenance (almost 12 hours!) it's got to be a major update of some sort, which means we would be getting at least 5.6. This makes sense since we are overdue for the new scouting screen (iirc we were supposed to start getting those during Punk Yohane. This also means that we could start seeing Aqours birthday boxes as early as Yohane, coming up later this month.)
BUT I think we will be getting at least version 5.7. KLab has jumped multiple versions before. Also, we will soon be getting into those Aqours events that give out LP recovery items as event rewards. It would be really silly for KLab to drop an update to 5.6 now, but then have to push out yet another big update in a month or so, when we start hitting events that give those out in event rewards.
It's POSSIBLE that we may get an even newer version -- 6.0, or maybe even 6.1 -- but I kinda doubt it. (6.1 in particular is doubtful since it feels a bit too early to be introducing the "Everyone's Score Match" feature to WW. I imagine they would wait until they review the feedback from the JP players and refined it, perhaps with another test, before pushing it out to WW.) (Although with Klab you never know. I personally would LOVE it if we got 6.1, because I REALLY REALLY WANT LP MULTIPLIERS IN ALL EVENT TYPES. THEY MAKE THINGS SOOOOO MUCH EASIER.)
Well, we'll know in a few hours what version we'll be getting, when the app update hits the app stores.
Now, what event will we be getting? Pretty sure it will be an Aqours event. Technically we should be getting the long-delayed YouHane MedFes. It has been the "next Aqours event in line" for a loooong time now.
BUT... and here I admit I am totally going all conspiracy theory on you... what if the next event is... the Adventure Stroll event that we just had on JP??!
Hear me out...
Yeah I know, it is the event that just concluded on JP, and yeah I know, the last Aqours event we had was also an Adventure Stroll, and yeah I know that it isn't even the next Adventure Stroll event in chronlogical order (technically, the DiaKanan Mystery Escape Game Adventure Stroll is the next Adventure Stroll event in line.) But this event is a Third Live promotional tie-in. And with the final leg of the Third Live set to hit Fukuoka this weekend... well, you couldn't ask for better timing for a tie-in event. More to the point, it would be awfully weird for this event to not happen right now. ("Yeah, remember the Third Live that happened a couple months ago? Here's a special event to commemorate that!") And yeah, I know, this event happened after JP got the 6.1 update. BUT as far as I know, the only "new feature" that the 3rd Live Adventure Stroll would require are the new LP recovery items (since they are given out in both the event rewards as well as the Sticker Shop.) It wouldn't require any of the features that came with later updates (6.x.) So if we do end up getting 5.7, then it is certainly possible that they could run this event.
Anyway, fun times are ahead! See you on the flip side.
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2018.04.20 12:22 Kakamile 15 Months of Trump's Campaign Promises

Over 40 pages of Trump's campaign promises, the promises he followed and those he broke.
I have to give special thanks to the lists provided by:
Lesser-known examples:
Revive and approve pipelines
Protect disenfranchised minorities
Assist communities and rebuild rural resources
Lobbying ban
Ban foreign govs raising money for elections
Revitalize coal
Fight terrorism
Won't take salary
Tax reform
Fight government corruption
submitted by Kakamile to Keep_Track [link] [comments]

2018.02.10 04:05 Dr_Nustemburg My Dad has a Secret [part 2]

Part 1
I am back with an update. And a pretty serious one. So after reading your suggestions I kinda had a dilemma.
Some of you had a good point, it wasn't my business and I should let it go. The thought of destroying my dads work also crossed my mind. I was seriously considering to let it all go.
But I just can't do that. I have to know. So I decided to follow my original plan, albeit slightly different. I would try to be as careful as possible.
For a little side info, my dad's room is really messy, a type of organized chaos. It is full of all sorts of electronics: computers, printers, keyboards, even a server (I never noticed that).
There is a couch full of junk, broken monitors, electronic circuits (my dad likes to tinker with electronics from time to time). There was even a guitar from his younger days.
And then, there was an equally messy shelf that was positioned just right where it was supposed to be, perfect for a hidden camera stuck between the mess.
So I formulated my plan of attack. I setup the camera, made some tests with myself typing on my laptop, and also made sure that its relatively unnoticeable.
After some more toying around, experimenting with angles and light, it was ready for a test ride.
I recorded myself typing random stuff on the keyboard. When viewing the clip, after slowing it down, I could perfectly see every key that was pressed, in order. Perfect.
It was ready.
Dad was home right on time, freshly back from the trip. Mom called him for dinner but i already knew his pattern. I already knew that he would refuse the meal, throw some joke and then barricade himself inside his room for the next couple of hours.
And I counted on that.
After around 2 hours he comes out, more tired looking than before and starts his standard round of questions about school, social life etc. I patiently answer and wait for my chance. After some quick family chit-chat he proceeds to go and watch TV with my sister.
That was my opening. I quickly snuck in his room and took the camera. Few minutes later, I am sitting nervously on my PC, inspecting the video. My heart started beating rapidly. I had it.
Felt like pure triumph at that moment. I deserve a high five from myself for this. Anyways, next line of action was to access the laptop.
Fast forward to the next day, boring as hell. Standard school stuff. Couldn't even concentrate on the board or the lectures. I could only think of that damn laptop. What secret did it hold, what will I find on it?
After school ended, I just rushed him, completely ignoring my friends invitations for haning out. This was far mroe important to me.
First thing I did when I came home was just to take a seat in the living room and watch TV, anyhing was acceptable. Just to pass time.
After a couple episodes of standard history channel reruns, dad finally went to the garage. And that was precisely what I was waiting for.
I sat there a couple of more minutes. After being sure that the coast was clear, I slowly walked into hims room.
The laptop was sitting on the table, sitting in the dark, waiting for me to unveil it's secrets.
After booting it up, I was greeted by the same futuristic screen like the last time.
Nervously, I typed the password, letter by letter, number by number. I inhaled and then pressed enter.
A flash of white light, and big blue letters followed.
There were folders and folders of data, saved emails, encrypted files, some strange programs, lots and lots of stuff.
I wanted to go and get my USB flash drive but then I noticed something peculiar. This laptop didn't have USB ports. It didn't have any ports.
Writing the interesting ones by hand was the way to go then.
After fast scrolling around, I noticed that most of the documents had strange names like:
Incident Wagon XZZ-466
Item Storage, tag 533272
Incident Crystalis XYY-290
But then, something caught my eye.
Incident Hawaii, ZZY-449
Intrigued, I clicked on it. this is what was writen in that document:
DATE: JANUARY 13, 2018.
47.0707° N, 15.4395° E
35.6895° N, 139.6917° E
43.5081° N, 16.4402° E
After reading that, I was shaking, shaking in fear and shock. I don't know what to think. Who is my father?
I have so many questions, so many things needed an answer. I have to take some time and think about it.
Shortly after, I could hear his garage door opening. It was time for me to end my session, at least for now...
I don't know guys, I am so confused, nothing makes sense anymore. I need some time to absorb this information.
To fully accept it.
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2016.10.11 15:33 gvs77 So many loki issues...

Hi all
I'm a big fan of elementary, I started using it as my main OS starting with Luna and I ran both Freya en Loki starting with the first betas.
Freya came out and I intially had some display issues which were also in the newer Ubuntu HWE that released just before Freya, I worked around that quite quickly.
Loki beta actually worked pretty well on my laptop, but since the release, I'm having many issues that make it hard to use.
The least bad is that I can't have the owncloud icon in the top bar any more as it causes the entire screen to flicker.
But I'm having 2 bugs with screen locking that weren't there before, after locking my screen my display randomly is unreadable after logging back in or my session gets lost (getting a fresh one and the other processes just haning).
It makes it quite hard to use fulltime honestly, even though it is by a large margin my favorite distro in the 19 years of using desktop Linux.
I did a clean install of loki, and all issues have bugs filed.
Is this just with my laptop? How are you guys experiencing loki?
submitted by gvs77 to elementaryos [link] [comments]

2016.09.11 23:21 kailg Great Game!

A few things before I talk here: 1. This post is my own guide, feel free to disagree and roast me below 2. This game rocks 3. This is only beta but I'm sure I'll get it
Konami really did a great job with this one. Hella crisp and hella user friendly with fearsome graphics. Not to mention that voice acting, made me pop my nut!!
The first thing you need to know about this game is that there are duelists all over. Do whatever the UI(User Interface) tells you to do at first. Then, duel all 5 of the goons. Swipe left/right and you will eventually see them.
Meanwhile at the duel gate (room with literally a circular gate) there is a duel school beside there. Just do every single one of the puzzles. it will help! Do all the puzzles and the loan deck.
Keep and going and hack away at duelists. Once you've completed several stage goals you just buy packs. Just buy packs. Eventually the "auto-duel" function will be a lot quicker coz u got better cards. Be sure to unlock the characters, not that hard just face them in the gate a buncha times.
The vagabond is really hard when he first appears. However that cannot stop you from engaging him to complete the stage goal. You DONT have to WIN, you have to just play against him. If you win ur a lucky bitch. Command to arms fucked my whole game up, as his first turn he gets 3 auto magic cards set on his field. With no cost.
Also, sometimes you will face an opponent that runs the "mask of the accursed." This card is so dumb. If they manage to get all 3 on you and you have no high level cards, ur kinda fucked. I hate it when that happens to me.
Otherwise this game is an ez breeze!
Card tiers:
1.) Monsters you'll start out with crappy monsters but I really dont mind that, it helps with the nostalgic feeling and fun gameplay. Eventually its still the more rational option to continually upgrade ur deck, and a good atk would be >=1300. Get rid of monsters that dont meet that quota, and continually increase that quota. Also lvl 5/6 monsters REALLY great for pvp if ur a noob. In pvp you won't get the chance to pull out a lvl 7+ unless ur opponent is pretty bad. Forget about effects. If you get lucky and pull the hane-hane its still not that good coz no one uses the extra deck. Rituals are pretty OK! it's a niche but if you can get out the 2550 crab turtle what is there to complain about? Rituals much better than fusions atm.
2.) Spells: BANNER OF COMMANDBANNER OF COMMAND BANNER OF COMMAND BANNER OF COMMAND BANNER OF COMMAND (block attack) no mst, SAD life so dont concern yourself about this list you can't get anything better. Not sure about what the trader usually offers.
3.) Traps Nothing good here, stauch defender absolutely useless because at the point ur using that card ur already winning. Not that you can get any good traps like mirror force anyway. REINFORCEMENTS
That's all folks! CAn't wait till this game comes out. Beautiful job by konami. I wish DN and YGOPRO were still alive tho :'(
Tell me if you want my deck list + deck skill! I started yugi no regrets
submitted by kailg to DuelLinks [link] [comments]

2015.01.28 16:07 thatben Magento 2 Technical Team AUA - 5 FEB 2015 - 8-10AM GMT-8

Hi, this is Ben from Magento. We're hosting a two hour Ask Us Anything session next Thursday, Feb 5 to answer your questions on the Magento 2 Developer Beta. Visit our Developer Hub for Magento 2 resources, and see you next week!
EDIT (Feb 5, 8AM): We're underway! There's a team of Magento-ians working on questions. SEND THEM OUR WAY!
EDIT (Feb 5, 10AM): That's a wrap! This. Was. Awesome! Thanks so much for all of the questions. If you're coming here after the AmA is concluded, please know that the best ways to reach the Magento 2 team are as follows:
Also: for more information and future updates, please check out the Developer Hub for Magento 2 videos, documentation, blogs and more.
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2014.02.10 21:59 Evilberry New Ranked Picking System!

So this is my first Reddit-Post, so pls dont be too harsh and forgive me my bad english its not my native language.
First short to me, im S3 Dia1 player atm im haning around Dia3 and Dia4 on EUW. And i have been playing leauge since the Beta Ended.
Well I just checked the latest Patch-Notes on reing of gaming and i Spotted this
We’re also making pick order more consistent in ranked play. In most cases the skill gap between players on a team is not significant enough to justify granting the top player first pick. Basing pick order on a behind-the-scenes number isn’t a great experience – not to mention there are some odd side effects for duo queue players – so we’re taking a different approach.
All players will now have an equal (random) chance of being first pick
For players in a duo, if either player is chosen as first pick, the team captain will be assigned first pick and the other member of the duo will get whatever position the captain received from the randomizer<
So some time ago, it has to be at least 7+ months or so, riot said in one of their threads that pickorder > call-order, while this new patch now completely overtake this system.
Pickorder was created on MMR so far and yes, also here some strange things appeared due to placements beeing highly overrated MMR wise. So If Pickorder > call-order and Pick-order is now created randomly, playesr will tend to do call-order > pick-order again, since they wont have the will to play a role they dont like, just cuz of randomness.
So what will this new System do to the ranked pick order and to player behaviour.
Lets start with the Pro´s:
In my opinion nothing much will change, ppl know each others role and they respect them.
For all the rest:
As i Diamond player i can tell by my own experience, that most ppl at least respect the pickorder but there are also some ppl that dont respect it. This change will lead to more ppl beeing angry since they cant do something to be 1st or 2nd pick, since so far if you play great u will gain MMR and mby get the higher seeded picks.
The 2nd thing is , that you cant tell anymore if ur MMR is good or not just by the picks, this also means that lest say u are in divison 4 and you are in your promo to tier 3, and a tier 5 player that just reached this global tier(Silver,Gold etc.) gets fp and u are lastpick, although ur MMR should be much higher than his. YOU , yes YOU, are now forced most likely play a role u arent as good as as you would be when u got ur main role by beeing fp, therefore if this FP picks ur role and lets say he fails, what will happen to most PPL ingame??? Correct , most ppl will go on full tilt and start flaming and complaining and i dont think thats what riot wants.
The 3rd thing is the huge buff to duo q, since u will have a 40% chance of beeing fp since when one , either you or your mate will get fp, the one who created the lobby will get fp. (This is based on asuming that every1 has a 20% to be fp. So, you are most likely always in a disadvantage pickorder wise, whenever there is no1 you could duo q with. So riot forces you to find some ppl to play with, so u want get into a direct disadvantage.
This are just some expectations but i can already small the shi*tstorm that riot will recieve a large player base.
So please Reddit, lets force Riot to rethink this change.
Ok so im a S3 Diamond 1 Player and atm im Dia 4 trying to climb again.
With riots new change to Ranked-Pickorder (Every player will have a random chance to be first pick), some strange things will accure:
  1. Ppl will tend to troll more often since their pick is created on randomness , and lets be honest 80% check lolking already in champselect, so lets say 1 person is 1 tier higher then every1 else and is last pick , this person will tend to troll most likely.
  2. You will know even less about ur MMR. When u were first pick most games , you could say that your MMR should be quiet good.With this change u wont know everything anymore.
  3. PPL will go on tilt ingame more often. See point 1 and rethink if this person plays another role that he isnt as good as in his main role, and the fp that prolly didnt deserve that right just fails or trolls.
  4. The huge Disadvantage granted if u dont play duo q, since duo q will have 40% of getting firstpick to the creator of the lobby.
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